Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bring on the Funk

Drew had his first taste of funk music at the Lexington BBQ festival today. We'll let you be the judge as to if he likes it...

We also went to the Black & Gold scrimmage for the Wake Forest men's basketball team this morning. It was nice because it was in a small gym instead of the coliseum. Drew really got into it, too! He was clapping his hands and watching the game and he even got to give the Deacon a high five (but I forgot the camera!) He also really enjoyed watching the cheerleaders... MEN! It has been a fun day with little Drew-Drew.

In other news, Drew has been battling a pretty bad cold this week... there have been some rough nights for him here lately, and a little pitiful moan that would break your heart, but hopefully he is turning the corner on that. Brad actually saw him take 2 steps on his own last weekend prior to Drew realizing he wasn't holding onto anything, but I haven't seen him yet. I have caught him standing on his own for a couple of seconds - again, only when he was occupied by a toy or the remote (currently, Drew's ultimate toy) with both hands so he didn't realize he was actually on his own. He really, really enjoys waving these days - and "bye-bye" appears to be quickly approaching possible first-meaningful-word territory. It sounds awful close to it, anyway, when he is waving at people as we walk away.

That is all for now... just anxiously awaiting Drew's first Halloween next week and *gulp* his first birthday the next week. Where has the time gone?

Monday, October 6, 2008

11 months old!!!

It has been a while, so it is time to bombard you with pictures and updates. Drew continues to grow and grow. He has become quite the pro at walking behind his "grocery cart", and he can cruise around furniture; however, he won't let go and attempt to give it a whirl on his own yet. He is actually very cautious about his walking attempts - he seems very calculated in how he lets himself down and balance himself. He did get up 7 stairs on his own this week too (with Mommy close behind, don't worry!). Drew is now eating 100% table food, which seems to be going well. OK... I know you all get on here mainly to look at the pictures, so I'll get the show on the road:

Drew eating his first menu item in a restaurant - mac and cheese! Since he is up on his feet so much now, we caved and finally bought him his first pair of shoes. I think I embarrassed the entire family by insisting pictures be taken inside Stride Rite... but it had to be done! Drew tots around the store - making sure they are a good mix of comfort and style He gives a new definition to the phrase, "he is really enjoying his new shoes". We went to the Chili Cook-off at Tanglewood Park a couple of weeks ago. Although Drew's "Uncle Mike" and his crew didn't win their deserving crown of best chili at the festival, we had a good time. There was a Babies-R-Us area with some toys in the shade, that Drew especially enjoyed. This was also at the festival - I think it is such a sweet picture. The same weekend, Meema came up to watch Drew a bit so Brad and I could have some "adult" time. For the past few years, Brad has sponsored a part of the Chris Paul Winston-Salem Weekend. Brad put on his first non-wedding-related tux since prom, and I put on my first non-wedding-related formal dress since prom and we went to the Banker's Ball - a formal dinner and auction. We had a lot of fun and it was a great weekend for a great cause. Here is Meema and Drew-Drew right before we left - I like this one because it looks like they are both up to something!
Mommy and Daddy all dressed up at the Ball Photo-op with Chris Paul. This past weekend, we drove up to Henderson to celebrate Camden's 10th birthday (one of our nephews born today... 10/6... our other nephew, Nicholas, has his 3rd birthday today also). HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMDEN AND NICHOLAS!!! It took Drew a bit to get used to a small dog, but he and Sophie quickly became friends (Aunt Melissa's dog) Drew enjoys some of cousin Camden's birthday cake Our little mechanic checks the oil in "Bob" Drew also went to the Dixie Classic fair yesterday. Unfortunately, it was hot (fairs aren't supposed to be hot!!!) - but it was fun. Drew enjoys his version of fair food: ...and also his very own, custom fair ride Drew is a big fan of waving right now- here he is waving at people (or trees, or cars, or... well, you get it) that he passes. I'll call him Mr. Dixie Classic himself: Daddy showed Drew the cows - yes, he got to enjoy the fair animal aroma also! And to end, a sweet picture of our boys - one trying to get out, the other trying to get in. Luckily, neither has yet to figure out how - though I know it won't be long until that changes!