Sunday, March 30, 2008


Drew is doing well - sleeping now so I have a chance to update his blog. He had a great weekend. We went down to his Meema's house to help celebrate Great-Grandpa Black's 94th birthday. He didn't get to ride the 4-wheeler with Great-Grandpa this time - but he definitely wants to the next time he is down there (he did wear his John Deere shirt for him though!)
Drew with Great-Grandma

Great-Grandpa and Drew

Four generations on the Black family tree

And here are some bonus pictures from this week that I thought were cute. Aunt Jenn sent Drew this Clemson outfit. Drew is so confused - he doesn't know if he is a Tiger, Demon Deacon, Blue Devil or Tarheel... either way - he looks ready to tailgate to me!

I think that his little hands in this picture are so sweet.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Meema is funny

Drew has been battling a bit of a stomach bug this past week or so... but despite that he is just as happy as he can be (most of the time!). Drew has had a few "firsts" this week when he has been home with his Meema. On Monday, he laughed out loud several times at her and on Tuesday he figured out how to roll from his stomach to back! Also, a big change for him is that he now *loves* tummy time - he can hold his head up for so long now!!

Here are some new pictures:
Rock on!!!

This one is for Flave - Go Panthers!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Living the high life...

No pictures to share, but it was a fun night for Drew. We signed up for an infant massage class at the hospital; however, no one else signed up for this month's class so it was cancelled. So instead, the instructor called and said that she would be willing to come to our house to do a one-on-one session! It was such a nice offer and tonight was the night. Drew had a personal in-house masseuse tonight! He loved it - he talked and smiled the whole "class". Hopefully it will make for an even better night-night time and some good bonding time too! I love that little boy - yes, even during his 11, 1, 3 and 5am wake-up calls. =)

Monday, March 10, 2008

4 months!

Drew had his 4 month appointment today. He is now 28" long and 19 pounds, 5 ounces. He continues to fall in >97th percentile for height, weight and head diameter. In the words of Dr. Kribbs (yes, that is *really* the name of his pediatrician), "I think yall are going to have a tall boy on your hands".

This has been another big week for Drew, as you can see from the pictures below. First of all, he has all of a sudden mastered reaching and grabbing. He's really starting to build up some hand-eye coordination and it's so fun to watch. Of course, anything that he grabs goes straight to his mouth. Another first was he finally was given the OK to start cereal! Yay for solids! Drew make take a while to warm up to the concept, but hopefully it will keep that belly filled up for longer periods of time.
So, here are some new pics:

Mommy's handsome boys (Drew is in his outfit for his school pictures - soooo cute!)

First time in a high chair

Reaching for things

Drew got some good Meema Carolyn time this weekend while Daddy was out of town. Meema couldn't move in this picture

And finally... Drew's first go at solids. He wasn't quite sure what to think.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Raspberries and videos and such

Drew has really seemed to get some new skills this week. He now is actually *jumping* in his Jumperoo - and appears quite proud of himself when he does. He has really started reaching and grabbing for things now. And also, he has started blowing baby spit raspberries. A big week!

Also, I finally learned how to hook the video camera up to be able to put some videos on here! I have quite a few to share.

Here is one from bath time. He looooooooves his new tub - even though he will soon outgrow it!

And another (I love the bath ones):