Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How 'bout another one?

Another video, that is! No, I haven't been forgetting to take pictures - we just got a new camera and I haven't had the time to figure out how to download from it yet. I will soon - as I have some cute new pictures to put on.

But, here's another "tickle, tickle" video for the mean time. =)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Such big changes happening - I had to put some more videos up!

Drew loves to talk these days!

Here is proof that he is now crawling like a big boy:
And I can't believe this one myself - our baby boy is walking (sort of!). Ahhhh!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

I caught a laugh!

Finally! Whenever I get Drew in a giggling fit I always try to grab the camera, but usually by the time I finally get back, it just isn't funny any more to him. At least I was able to catch a little giggle this weekend... but it's quick - you better pay attention! =) Here we go:

He has made a huge step in his crawling, as he has finally gotten strong enough to pull that big belly of his off of the floor and get up on all fours. He will do this until he see something he *really* wants, then he drops and the commando crawl is back in action - that is his high speed crawl! Here he is up on all fours: We got a laugh out of these... he grabbed onto a tissue and a corner of a page ripped out of a magazine and became obsessed with these. He carried the around with him for at least 30 minutes... if he dropped one he would turn around until he found it so he could proceed. Silly! Mr. Sunshine and Mr. Goofball Finally, I love this video, but Mommy still isn't too tech-savy and can't rotate it on the computer - so you'll have to turn your head to the right to enjoy it!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

10 months old!!!

... a couple of days late, but here it is. Drew had his 2nd Modified Barium Swallow Study done today at Brenner Children's Hospital. While his swallow has gotten a little bit stronger, the therapist recommended that we continue to thicken his bottle to honey consistency. =( Not what we had hoped to hear, but we are still thankful, as this is a very small inconvenience for our otherwise healthy family compared to what other little ones & families are going through. We have to brag on how brave and very good he was during the whole study. He was so curious! So another 4 months of using that ol' thickener and monitoring what he is allowed to have at day care. Otherwise Drew and the rest of us are doing well!

Brad took Drew to his first baseball game on Labor Day Brad and Drew waiting to catch a foul ball Handsome cousins! Camden and Melissa came to visit this weekend!