Monday, March 22, 2010

Eliza pictures

While Eliza didn't participate in many of the activities down at the beach since it was a bit chilly & she was just getting over her illness, here are some pictures of her on her first beach vacation. She is getting very long now and is so pretty! While I know things can still change for quite awhile - her eyes still look blue and it looks like she may have some curls in her hair... so different than Drew! Her temperament is also very different than Drew's was - she definitely knows what she wants and wants it when she wants it. She sleeps better than Drew did at that age, but also has less patience and can go from laughing, to a lip pout, to a full out screaming fit in a matter of seconds. I wonder what that will mean in the future?!?! Either way, she rocks!!! Laughing Cousin Mimi helps give Eliza a bottle.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Big boy hair cut

When we were down in Charleston, we found a kids barber shop to get Drew's hair cut for the wedding. The name of it is Bangs and Bows - and it is highly recommended. It had a train table in the waiting area, cars/planes/etc pedal cars for kids to sit in while they get their hair cut, Garfield playing on DVD at each chair, prizes and most importantly a lady who is great with kids and who can cut hair VERY QUICKLY!!! I wish they had a place like this around where we live. Check out his choo-choo in his hand. That boy and his choo-choos... We try to bribe Drew with some juice during the use of electric clippers. Aren't I handsome? Drew enjoys his first sucker ever after enduring his big boy haircut.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Way behind...

The kids are both feeling better and we have been very busy these last couple of weeks. I have a LOT of new pictures of our fun, so I'm going to try do quite a few new posts.

Last week, my (Kelli's) cousin Becca got married in Mt. Pleasant, SC. We loaded the crew up early on Wednesday morning and made the trip down there until Sunday. Meema, Uncle Denny & Aunt Lynda were nice (or crazy?!?) enough to share a beach house with us... which is very kind of them considering an up-all-night newborn and very excited two-year-old made the house very lively, to say the least! My good friend Jenn was also nice enough to join us to help us look after the little ones as we participated in various wedding festivities and my brother and his family also came with their two and four year old... it was a busy place!!! Drew loved being with his cousins "MiMi and Kiskis". Here are some picture of Drew out on the beach... stay tuned as other vacation pics will soon follow!
Drew builds a sand castle with his cousin, Mimi - he loves Mimi! I love this picture "I'm calling it a day - bye-bye beach"

Monday, March 8, 2010

Our sickly home

It's been a rough week in the Davis household. Last week Drew started with a bad cough and then started running fever - turns out it was RSV (a virus in the respiratory system). Of course, little Eliza quickly picked up the virus as well. We were scheduled on Thursday for her 2-month "well" visit, but it turned into a sick visit and she has had a rough go of it. We went back to the doctor yesterday and she now has bronchiolitis and an ear infection as well. Not only that, but she is vomiting just about everything that she takes in - including her medicine. It is so pitiful to see someone that small coughing so forcefully and vomiting. They say that we are at the "peak" of it now, so hopefully she will start feeling better soon. Her 2-month "stats": height 24 and 3/4 inches (97th percentile), weight 11 pounds 7 ounces (75th percentile), head diameter 15 and 1/4 inches (50th percentile). As a comparison, at this age Drew was only a half inch longer than Eliza but 5 pounds heavier!!! And her head is a full 2 inches smaller! When she is not feeling bad, Eliza is becoming very animated. She loves to be talked to, and when you win her smiles it is the best! She is starting to hit those precious high-note baby coos. She is very entertained with her hands right now. She likes to study them and eat them. I think that she will be a thumb-sucker like her big brother if she every can find it - she keeps it tucked in her hand & it makes her so mad!!

In the past couple of weeks, we have enjoyed separate visits from Nana and Aunt Sistah & Uncle Steve:
ZaZa *loves* to look at big brother Drew If anyone knows Eliza, you know of her perch. Her very favorite place to be is draped over one arm, with her head laid back and walking around the room. She always looks so uncomfortable, but she loves it Cheese!
We are looking forward to our trip to the beach this week if we can get everyone well enough. Hopefully we'll get down there in the next day or two!

Funny comparison

I found these pictures of the two of them taken around the same age (around 3 weeks each). Look at the difference of that head!