Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bye beach!

This is the last post from the beach... 208 pictures taken makes it the most I think I have ever taken on a vacation, especially to a place that I have been many times. Drew is taking a final nap before one last swim, a walk on the beach and a long car ride home. Yesterday he started clapping, which is sooooo cute. He smiles and usually squeals and claps his hands together - especially when he starts eating. He is now crawling at 3x the speed of when we first got to the beach (video will be posted soon of this!). He also now reaches out to be picked up or reach from person to person. He changes so fast. So here are the last of the beach pictures - back to reality (and less times for posts unfortunately) tomorrow.
Drew had such fun playing with Meema these last few days!!He especially loved to have her read to him.Noooooooo!!!! Don't eat it!!!!Chillin' with Mommy"When can we come back?!"

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Meema is here

Meema got to the beach on Thursday and we have been having a good time with her. Unfortunately, no one else was able to join us - but that just meant Drew got even more attention from Meema! We went to the aquarium yesterday - Drew would follow those fish and wave to them. Here are more pics:
At the aquarium - "Hey fish"Daddy showing Drew a horseshoe crab up closeThe jelly fish were cool (but only in a tank - the washed up ones all over the beach this week weren't so great)Mommy & Drew - ready to hit the beach!Family picture (minus that crazy one-eyed dog, of course)You knew we had to do it!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mid-week at the beach

There are not too many new pictures to share right now (though Meema and crew are due in today, so I am sure that is about to change!) but a couple of cute ones. Brad's family left on Tuesday and we haven't done a whole lot since (which, actually it is pretty nice not to do much!). Drew's schedule is getting more and more out of whack as the days go by, but we'll get it back on track soon enough. He still seems to know when 6-7 am comes, despite how late he stayed up the night before! Here are some pics:
Drew's new surfer doMom's can't avoid booty shots!What is a beach trip without crossword puzzles?! This is one of Drew's favorite books to pull off of the shelf

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Family vacation time!

I am writing from the beach during our first real family vacation! Because I know there will likely be a *lot* of pictures, I'm going to try to break it up a bit with several posts. We met at Surfside Beach with Brad's mama (Nana), sister and nephew on Friday night. Since then we have already had a great time and looking forward to a week more of sun and firsts! =) So here are some pictures (though it is hard to narrow them down!):
Drew checks out the water in Daddy's arms: Drew gets his feet wet in the ocean for the first time:Drew loves to wave at everyone now:Nana is comfy!"What is this stuff and why won't Mommy let me eat it?"Drew's first trip to the putt-putt course:Balcony photo shoot: "Isn't my Aunt Sistah pretty?! I'm sweet on her." Wooohoo! A fist full of hair! Those swimming lessons paid off-Drew loves the pool:
Stay tuned as I know there will be many more beach pictures to come!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

8 months old!

Well, as mentioned in the previous post our computer has been "down". It has officially changed from down to out, and we will have to start the seach for a new one. So, computer time has been really limited both for updated blogs and even downloading pics - so unfortunately no new pics for now, but I know some of yall have been waiting for an update. Drew is doing well (besides a fussy morning thanks to a big top tooth that is pushing its way on through). He is getting this crawling thing down and is quite fast. He now waves all of the time - but not really to say hey or bye, just all the time! One thing I've really started to notice this week is how his fine motor skills are really developing. He can use his little fingers to grab onto tiny little strings on the floor and pick them up. He is talking *a lot* now - squeals and babbles all day long. We are all looking forward to a trip to the beach next week, where there will definitely be many pictures taken to make up for this lapse!