Thursday, January 29, 2009

A not-so-fun first

We got a call from day care today saying that Drew tripped over some mulch outside and busted open his lip on the sidewalk. Not really a first to celebrate but I'm pretty certain this won't be the only time to happen in his active years to come. By the way, they said he didn't even cry - just got right back up, so we've got a tough one! Here are the pictures of his poor little fat lip:

Poor Drew But don't worry everyone - I'm OK! Drew at play tonight Drew applauds his own ability to stuff the diapers back into the box This is where Steve camps as Drew eats dinner everynight - he is a smart dog and they are quite the team in their food sharing efforts Everything else is going fairly well in the Davis household. Drew likes to give high 5s and kiss his 'Ming Ming' stuffed animal. Drew is also now getting the hang of this walking thing and walks more than he crawls. Watch out everyone!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Holidays and a belated 14-month post

Hello everybody - it has been a while, but we made it through the holidays and are finally getting back into a routine again. Though trips to Henderson and Sumter were too brief, we really enjoyed Christmas with our families and also enjoyed bringing in 2009 with good friends in our home - so thank you to everyone!

Drew is doing well. He is starting to adjust better to the toddler room at day care (as are we). Last week we learned that 3 molars were all busting through at the same time - it was hard to go back to not sleeping again... our little boy who usually sleeps soundly for 12 hours a night reverted back to the demands of a 4-week-old again it seemed, and Mommy and Daddy weren't quite ready for that. But, we made it through one more hurdle and he is feeling much better now, which makes us feel much better. (10 teeth down, 10 more to go...) Drew had another swallowing test done yesterday - we still have to thicken his liquids, but they don't have to be thickened as much and we are slowing starting to safely wean him off of that stuff. We are ready to be done with the cursed thickener!!! Oh yeah, and Drew's newest "thing" is blowing kisses, and he does love to flirt when we are out. It is so cute!

Now on to some pictures from over the holidays:

Drew goes to his first Christmas parade in Lewisville with Mommy Drew models the Panthers jersey that "Uncle" Flave gave him for Christmas Look what Santa brought Drew! DAVIS FAMILY CHRISTMAS
He is such a Daddy's boy now: Drew chimes in for the first time for the "Happy Birthday Jesus" chorus. Uncle Hillman fills Drew in on the past 50 years of UNC sports history. BLACK FAMILY CHRISTMAS
Drew plays with Nicholas (Sammy & Elena's son) in Meema's camp: A comparison shot with Meema and cousin MiMi: Christmas '07 and Christmas '08 - they have grown so much! I love this one because he looks so mischevious!