Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I love the outside!

A big THANK YOU to Meema and Uncle Denny - they watched Drew a night last weekend so Brad & I could join friends in Virginia to see Phish once again. The weather was really nice last weekend, so Meema said they spent a lot of time outside and you can tell! Drew basically BEGS to go outside every day now - which was great the early part of last week, but when it got rainy and cold Drew still wanted to go outside and didn't want to take no for an answer! *sigh* Needless to say, our whole family is looking forward to the nice Spring weather to finally get here for good. Uncle Denny gives Drew his first lesson (of many, I'm sure) about trees. Drew was a bit unsteady walking on the grass, but strong, safe hands helped guide him. Here we are at Hampton once again - I would guess that this crew has seen around 300 Phish shows between us, but this was our first one all together! We had a great time! Finally, Drew now loves to push things - anything - around the house. Here he is having fun (and terrorizing Steve) with a laundry basket.

Friday, March 6, 2009

16 months!

Hello everyone! What is new in Drew's life: Drew has been dealing with a perforated eardrum this last week or so from an infection, but that seems to be healing now and it honestly hasn't seemed to bother him too much at all. We found out that he definitely has a slot in the Montessori School starting in the fall, so we are very excited about that opportunity for Drew... can't wait! His current loves: his "lawnmower" that Aunt Weegie & crew gave him for Christmas, dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba, dropping or throwing something and saying "Uh-Uh" for "Uh-oh", bubbles in his Little Gym class, and all the other usuals (his softy, waving, kisses, tickles, eating, Steve, high-5s...). He has enjoyed seeing his Nana *and* Meema in the last couple of weeks and is looking forward to Meema, Uncle Denny & Aunt Lynda visiting this weekend to give Mommy and Daddy a night away.

Drew enjoyed the final home Wake women's basketball game last weekend.
Go Deacs! And he does looooove that "lawn mower" - good job, Aunt Weegie!
He loves that Nana of his too - thanks for the haircut, Nana!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Steve!

Steve is 5 today... and yesterday?! (His actual birthday is 2/29, so he gets 2 days of celebration on 3 of every 4 years). He had a good day which included hanging out with "his" baby, eating a hamburger and best of all - SNOW! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR PUP-PUP!!!!

It's coming down hard in NC tonight - and Steve loves it. You've heard of drug-sniffing dogs... we should market Steve as the "diapy"-sniffing dog - he'll never miss a dirty one. =)