Monday, November 9, 2009

This is for you Uncle Denny & Aunt Lynda...

...and of course for all of the Jenns, Beccas and other Tigers out there as well! A couple of months ago Uncle Denny apparently taught Drew the phrase "Gooooo Tigers" (while Daddy wasn't around!). Drew will occasionally blurt this out of of nowhere - especially if football is on TV (any teams - it does not have to be Clemson). Well, he got a wonderful birthday package in the mail today from Uncle Denny and Aunt Lynda with a bright purple shirt with the phrase - you guessed it - GO TIGERS and then this bear which created the following scene:

He loves it but don't worry - he is still a Demon Deacon fan first!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Drew is two!

Drew had a big birthday weekend this weekend. On Friday, November 6th, our "baby" tunned two!! The day started out with Mommy, Daddy and Meema surprising Drew at his school. We were able to participate in circle time, show Drew's friends pictures of him, sing songs, and shared snacks with his classmates. That night we prepared for his big party the next day, but he still got his 'Choo Choo' cake then. On Saturday, many of Drew's favorite people gathered for a train party (what else?!). Thank you to everyone who made the effort and drive to help us celebrate this wonderful day! Daddy grilled out for everyone and Drew got a brand new train table which has already provided hours of entertainment for him. Here are some pictures of Drew throughout the weekend:

Drew and Mommy show his friends pictures of Drew the day he was born, pictures of his first birthday and some recent photos. Daddy sat with Drew for snack time. Drew's friends sang "Happy Birthday" to him!
Hmmmm, what is this?? CAKE!!!!! WOOOHOOO! Drew and cousin Mimi check out his new train table. Drew said "Choo Choo" and "Cool!" at least 500 times during his party! Finally, Mommy gets some good cuddling with her big boy at the end of a busy weekend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREW!