Monday, April 12, 2010

Raspberries and jelly beans

Eliza has had a big week - she is just starting to learn to blow bubbles/raspberries and she is getting pretty consistent with actually getting her thumb into her mouth (instead of just having her fist bang her head repeatedly which always made her so mad!). She appears to be a right thumb sucker, while Drew always was and still is a left thumb sucker... whatever that means. If she gets her thumb in her mouth, she almost always uses her other hand to continuously rub her hair on her head. Drew has been hit very hard by all of this record-setting pollen and unfortunately it looks like he is going to have to deal with allergies - poor little guy.

We had one last egg hunt this weekend in our neighborhood park. Drew rarely gets candy, but we did let him have a little Easter candy and he has become quite obsessed with jelly beans. He always shakes the eggs to see if jelly beans are in them.

To help you interpret the "Drew-speak" in the above video, here is a script:
"Alright!" "It's empty in there" "Oh! Jelly bean in there! A jelly bean. Jelly bean in there!"

Meema bought Zaza her first, but certainly not last, tie-dyed outfit. Daddy and Eliza... deep in dream land Drew learning the ins and outs of being a train conductor. Drew got to check out a "Wooo-Wooooo firetruck" and meet a fireman at a community event in Lewisville. He is now a big fan of the cartoon "Fireman Sam".

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Updates - check them out!

Just FYI - because I was so far behind on posts, I have added a bunch of posts but backdated them so that the would stay in order. Please scroll down and check them all out - I added 8 new ones today!

Easter fun

So far, Drew has attended 4 egg hunts - not counting the multiple ones in his front & back yard or the neighborhood one coming up next weekend! He is quite a fan of all of the Easter festivities this year, as he was old enough to participate in dyeing eggs and getting excited about the "Bunny coming".

Drew does some Easter art The finished result The Easter Bunny came for Drew and Zaza! Can you guess what his favorite treat in his Easter basket was??!!?? Even the Easter Bunny knows how much Drew loves Thomas! Me and my beautiful kiddos - ready for church on Easter morning in their Easter best Pretty girl Eliza And silly boy Drew Drew participating in one of his many egg hunts Eliza relaxing in the shade as big brother hunts eggs Drew checks out his loot from one of the hunts - I think he wishes egg hunts were an every day activity! First Peep ever

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy (?) Easter!

This picture made me laugh. Happy Easter to everyone! I have sooooo many posts and pictures that I am behind on, and I promise updates this week! Enjoy the beautiful weather and day!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Train expo

Last weekend, a train expo came to the fairgrounds here in Winston-Salem which, of course, is right up Drew's alley. They had all kinds of model trains, train tables, a train ride and just about everything else "choo-choo" related that you could imagine. That boy loves his trains!!!
Drew and Mr. Brad drive the Thomas train and blow the whistle. This is a video of Drew "driving" a choo-choo. It used to be an amusement park ride - I think the man said from back in the 50s. This was at the beginning of the ride. I only wish I had video of the ride towards the end when Drew got a look of fear/panic when he realized he couldn't stop. We got some good laughs out of this one...

Being a train conductor is hard work! (On the way home after a long afternoon full of choo-choos!

Zaza - 3 months

Eliza is getting so long - we're now in 6 month clothes already. She has started day care and is seeming to do OK there. She doesn't sleep much there, but she really doesn't sleep much during the day anyway (that is unless you are holding her! She is still rotten, but that is OK!!). Her sleeping is getting better at night - usually one 8-hour stretch and then a 3-hour stretch. She seems to be very ticklish. I massage her each night at she loves it... EXCEPT on her stomach and she squirms and doesn't want me tickling her belly! Here are some recent pics of our pretty girl:

Check out those big, pretty eyes! Daddy and his girl Eliza in her first dress. Thank you, Aunt Weegie!

A day at the park

Drew now talks about "conrouns" (playgrounds) day & night... he is pretty obsessed! At least he likes being outside. We keep our fingers crossed for nice weather so that we may oblige. Here are some pictures from a day trip that we made to City Lake Park in High Point, NC. The only bad thing was that the "choo-choo ride" that we had promised Drew had not yet opened for the season... at least there was enough other things to distract him from this (he kept saying "Choo-choo broken. Body fix it" after I told him that it was broken right now and that somebody had to fix it before we could ride on it next time we came).

Mommy & Drew having a picnic at the lake. Wheeeeeeeeee!
"Daddy see-ly" He loved to watch the boats on the lake. Daddy promised him a fishing trip soon.

A few more pictures from the beach

Jenn, Kelli's good friend & college roomate, was nice enough to come down and help out with the kids some during all of the festivities. She mostly took care of Eliza so that we were able to leave her at home during things like the rehearsal dinner and ceremony. Thank you Miss Jenn!!!

Here is Jenn & Eliza And Jenn with the crew (and yes, I swear Zaza loves her head to hang like that - it looks horrible but, hey... that is how the girl is happy!) Eliza gets some snuggle time with Great-Grandma Dot Drew in his chariot on a bike ride around Wild Dunes Uncle Denny takes Drew out for a stroll

Becca's Wedding

The event that we were at the beach was for my (Kelli) cousin's wedding on March 12th. It was at the Landing at Shem Creek - only a couple of blocks from where my mom grew up and my Grandma lived. This was Drew's first wedding that he attended and he now *loves* weddings and parties! Drew did much better with the dancing/laughing/lights portion of the evening (reception) vs. the quiet portion (the ceremony). Hopefully Becca will one day forgive us that we thought having a two-year-old only feet from the bride & groom during the ceremony was a good idea... during the middle of it, Drew saw some birds flying and promptly (and to us, loudly) proclaimed "Bye-bye, birds! Bye-bye!" Needless to say it was a quick scramble to get him as far away from the ceremony as possible at that point! The evening was so much fun though, and Drew proved to be quite the party animal - even long after his night-night time!
Becca and Kelli Daddy & Drew - all dressed up for the night Isn't he the most handsome boy that you have ever seen?! Drew loved to look at the big boats on the creek Drew kept pointing at and looking at the lights... I think he gets that from his Daddy. Drew dances with Mommy, cousin Mimi and Aunt Elena At the end of the evening, Becca and Mike got on a boat to leave. This is Drew waving goodbye to them & the boat. However, now, he sometimes points to pictures of big boats and says "Becca". I don't know if he is remembering Becca being on one or if he thinks the boat is called Becca?!

More pictures on the beach - Isle of Palms

Drew, Daddy & Mommy enjoy a walk on the beach