Monday, April 12, 2010

Raspberries and jelly beans

Eliza has had a big week - she is just starting to learn to blow bubbles/raspberries and she is getting pretty consistent with actually getting her thumb into her mouth (instead of just having her fist bang her head repeatedly which always made her so mad!). She appears to be a right thumb sucker, while Drew always was and still is a left thumb sucker... whatever that means. If she gets her thumb in her mouth, she almost always uses her other hand to continuously rub her hair on her head. Drew has been hit very hard by all of this record-setting pollen and unfortunately it looks like he is going to have to deal with allergies - poor little guy.

We had one last egg hunt this weekend in our neighborhood park. Drew rarely gets candy, but we did let him have a little Easter candy and he has become quite obsessed with jelly beans. He always shakes the eggs to see if jelly beans are in them.

To help you interpret the "Drew-speak" in the above video, here is a script:
"Alright!" "It's empty in there" "Oh! Jelly bean in there! A jelly bean. Jelly bean in there!"

Meema bought Zaza her first, but certainly not last, tie-dyed outfit. Daddy and Eliza... deep in dream land Drew learning the ins and outs of being a train conductor. Drew got to check out a "Wooo-Wooooo firetruck" and meet a fireman at a community event in Lewisville. He is now a big fan of the cartoon "Fireman Sam".

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