Thursday, February 25, 2010


So... who was the dummy that jinxed herself by typing on the blog that the baby sleeps 7-8 hours a night? Oh yeah, that was me. Well, didn't happen tonight but at least I know there is hope. Lesson learned - no more bragging about sleep patterns for a while!!! We'll get there though.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Both of our little ones are growing so much! Eliza is getting very long now, as evidenced by her 3 month outfits being stretched when she pushes her legs out - these were too big for her not too long ago! She started sleeping in her "own bed" this week - in her room in the crib. The last few nights she has averaged 7-8 hours of straight sleep!!! Please keep your fingers crossed that this continues! Drew still insists that Eliza's name is "Baby", though he has now started calling her "Za-Za" some too. He reports on her to me..."Oh no, Mommy. Za-za crying!". Drew's new thing is that he must have a toy with him when he goes to bed. Each night it is different and it is funny to see what he chooses - anything from books, trains, football, etc. Not exactly the most cuddly things in the world, but he insists! We made the mistake of telling Drew he was going to the beach soon - and while this trip is planned for mid-March he wakes up and goes to bed talking about the beach. Lesson learned to keep my mouth shut about future trips!

Peek-a-boo, Za-Za! Daddy has learned to multi-task Drew loves his cake. Here he is enjoying a cupcake at a friends birthday party Drew helped his "Mama's house" blow out her birthday candles Mommy and Eliza engage in deep conversation

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Updates and more snow

Eliza had her one-month well visit with the doctor yesterday. No worries about her growing now - she is up to 10 pounds, 5 ounces (75-90th percentile), 23 and one forth inches long (97th percentile) and her head is 14 and three forths inches in diameter (50-75th percentile). It is strange to have a baby that actually is graphable (as Drew is and always was off the graph in every category!). She is now "doing" a little more. She will track more with her eyes - watch her mobile go around or follow someone talking to her or walking by. She is purposefully smiling more and more at you and it is awesome! She loves being talked to and having her chin and nose tickled. She also likes to talk back quite a bit with her little coos. She seems very strong and can already roll herself from her back to her side. We have to already watch her closely because she doesn't just stay still anymore - the other day we were convinced she was about to roll herself over as she was getting quite some momentum swinging her legs around and also she likes to scoot herself up in her bassinet with her legs. She is having a few feeding issues... mostly in that she seems to spit-up quite a bit and get choked at times, and the doctor is having us thicken some of her milk with cereal. Hopefully that will help a little! Everyone asks about her sleeping - she will typically go for 1-1.5 hour stretches during the day and is getting to about 2 different 3-4 hour stretches at night.

It has been quite the week this past week with two (yes TWO!!) winter storms. This translates into Drew only being able to go to school for 2/5 days last week and being snowed in for most of the weekends, too. While it is nice to have the whole family home, I'm sure you can only imagine what it is like being "trapped" inside the house with a 2-year-old and newborn!! I think all of us have a bit of cabin-fever and we have tried to be creative with activities to keep Drew occupied as much as possible, though he would watch "Go go go" (Diego) or "De-De-Door" (Dora) all day long if it were up to him. Where are you spring? I'm aching for some park time or just being able to take them out in a stroller!! All of a sudden, Drew insists on choosing one toy to sleep with (in addition to his softy, taggy and blanket which are givens). The toys he chooses are really not the most cuddly ones, but he insists (they usually just lay beside him). This week he has slept with his football and basketball multiple times, his toy bus and even a plastic carrot once. This is a small thing - but just this past week or two he has started calling me "Mommy" instead of "Mama" and I love it - it sounds so cute!! If you aren't in the room with him, he has started coming to find you and grabbing your hand, pulling you and saying "come on Mommy!". He is super-silly, loves to giggle and a lot of fun most of the time. He has been doing well with his sister lately, though he still wants to crawl in my lap when I am holding or feeding her and he has thought that she was ready to catch a ball a few times also.

Eliza and Meema, deep in conversation. This has become our 6am to 7:15 ritual and how Brad finds us each morning. It feels soooo good! Eliza enjoying her mobile - now starting to maintain attention to and track moving objects.

Yep, another winter storm - time to wrap Drew's feet up in grocery bags again!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Eliza's newborn photo shoot - 3 weeks old

We went to have Eliza's pictures taken for her announcement and to capture all her little features as she is already growing so much. There were a lot of great pictures, but here are some of my favorites:

That's it! I'm done!