Thursday, June 4, 2009

18 & 19 month post

Drew's latest stats (taken a month ago at his 18 month appointment - I know he has only gotten taller since!): height 36", weight 35 pounds, head diameter 20 and 1/4". He is above the 99th percentile for all of those areas - surprise, surprise! He is currently getting all 4 canine teeth - but hopefully the worst of that is now over. He loves cars now - he loves to push his toy cars, stand in the yard and wave at cars and play with the play wheel on the playground or in the grocery cart like he is driving. His all-time favorite food remains bananas - but we have also recently found that he loves popcorn shrimp as well. All fruit is on the top of the list. He likes to ride on the bike with Mommy or Daddy - he was terrified at first but now asks for it almost everyday by doing the bike sign. We are doing well around here...

Here are some pictures of Drew at his Little Gym class. He concentrates hard on the balance beam: Then moves on for a perfect 10 on the parallel bars... And finally a slam dunk - such an athlete, he is: Drew, Mommy and Daddy went to go see "Elmo Makes Music" in Greensboro a couple of weekends ago. If any of you haven't been around Drew lately, then you wouldn't know that "MOMO" for "Elmo" is a pretty prominent part of his vocabulary these days. This child was absolutely mesmerized by this concert - not taking his eyes off of the stage for one second. Mommy and Drew at "Sesame Street": Drew patiently waits for the show to start. Doesn't he look like such a big boy in this picture?! (*sniff sniff*) My two boys: For better of for worse, Drew loves to imitate us these days: Now doesn't this just look so cozy? Finally a couple of videos to end on. Here is yet another important word in Drew's vocabulary - "Bubbles!"
Daddy recently taught Drew how to dip his food and he is quite a fan of dipping now; however, I think the best part of this video comes with the attempt at using the spoon: