Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First day of school!

Drew started at his new Montessori school on Monday! He was *very* excited to wear his backpack, though it does tend to throw him off balance a little. =) We got a lot of "cool!"s when we were walking through the school to his classroom, but when we got to the door he got a little scared. His teachers led him into the room... still scared... then he saw the gerbil and quickly forgot about Mommy & Daddy and life was all good once again! We've all had a bit of adjusting - a new schedule, packing lunchboxes, new philosophies, etc, but we're all working on it together. Drew unfortunately didn't share the climber very well on his first day and bit one of his new friends (sigh - doesn't he know this school is all about peace and love!!), but hopefully that will not be an issue and we will be working on sharing and being kind to friends (no one was bit today thank goodness). We'll keep you posted!

Drew and Daddy
A little blurry, but he is so happy to be wearing that backpack! What a big boy *sniff, sniff* Besides going to school, it's also been a big week because Drew's cousins Nicholas & MiMi are in town staying with Meema as Sammy and Elena make the move from Boston to Richmond. We took another trip to Lazy 5 Ranch with them, and the weekend before we took a wonderful trip to Tweetsie Railroad. I'll try to get some of those pictures up soon.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fun with balloons

Title says it all...

Steve's new "do"

Introducing Steve with his new summer cut (with some comparison pics):
BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER Isn't he a pretty boy? It took them over 2 hours to shave him. He really seems to like it and it sure helps with the shed-factor that was beginning to drive us crazy!

Monday, August 10, 2009

10 things you may not know about Drew...

10. He has a southern accent (wonder where that came from?) - which comes out in the sweetest sounding "yay"s and "bye-bye"s in the whole world.

9. He has been off of thickened liquids since Friday and so far so good! Yay!

8. He is all boy. He loves trucks, trains, balls and - new this week - he looks at us, grins and giggles everytime he passes gas.

7. He starts his new Montessori school on August 24th. His assistant teacher's name is Hyacinth Muir.

6. He associates Meema's house with eating. The other day we were heading to her house and I asked, "Drew, do you want to go to Meema's" and he immediately did the "eat" sign and said "EAT"! As soon as we walk into her house these days he immediately goes to the table. Luckly, Meema has learned to be well-prepared.

5. We know that Drew is awake in the mornings when we hear a chorus of alternating "Hey!" and "Up!" coming from his room... Hey! Hey! Up! Hey! Up! Up! Up!

4. Some of his favorite things remain Elmo (especially the introduction song), fruit, Steve, Bob (what we call his stroller) and his "Softy" blanket.

3. While he can have his moments of tantrums and testing us, Drew has a very sweet and loving disposition. He loves to sit on our laps, give us hugs, lay his head on our laps or shoulders, have his hair or forehead stroked, and be patted.

2. If we whisper to Drew, he will whisper back in his own Drew-talk - very cute.

1. And the #1 thing you may not know about Drew is... he is going to be a big brother. His baby sister is due on New Years Day!!!!