Sunday, January 24, 2010

First official bath

Since ELiza's cord finally fell off, she was able to have her first official bath in her bath tub! Oh - did she scream at first, but she quickly seemed to get used to it and appeared to even like it. You can tell she is a Mommy's girl, as she continues to love her massage afterwards - and for quite a while after her bath/massage she was just so still and peaceful... it really seemed to make her calm.
Getting dry "I am clean & beautiful!!!" This one may be a little tasteless for her blog, but I couldn't help myself. Brad, Drew and Eliza unfortunately all seem a little stopped up/congested so I am just hoping nothing serious will come with all of this. Drew overall seems to be doing a bit better with the whole adjustment phase, though his naps appear to be suffering a little bit. He absolutely amazes me these days with the amount of words he is learing and how he is stringing them together. He loves learning new words and catches on so fast - I'll say it one time and he'll remember it and use it correctly. He always wants for you to repeat him - I guess as a way to verify that you understood what he was saying, and he often smiles and seems so proud that he was able to communicate something and you understood it. He had a good weekend this weekend going to a Wake Forest basketball game. As long as he has his "corn" he is golden. He likes to clap with the crowd and the music, dance, say "Go Deacs!" - he even will say "Aw man!" if something happens and the crowd acts negatively. So cute!

Friday, January 22, 2010

First trip

Eliza went on her first official trip with Mommy & Meema this week to Charleston. We only went for a couple of days, but she was a great traveler. Eliza enjoyed being held by all of her great-aunts and great-uncles pretty much the whole time she wasn't in a car seat, as you will see in the pictures. Hopefully they didn't make her too rotten (or is it already too late for that?!?!)

Aunt Lynda Uncle Denny Meema Uncle Paul
Aunt Weegie
On the way home, we made a stop at the home of one of my friends (going back to the first grade!) in Columbia to see her and her beautiful boys. It was a short but nice stop and I was happy for her to meet Eliza, us to meet Joshua for the first time, us to see how big and cute Daniel has become and to be able to talk a bit about the challenges & fun of raising 2 little ones.

Eliza, Mommy, Daniel, Sarah and Joshua.
In other news, the last of Eliza's cord fell off today - one less thing to "mess" with now! Woohoo!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Week 2 with 2 kids

After numerous weight checks at the doctor, Eliza finally is back up (and past) birth weight, so now we actually get 2 weeks off from going to the doctor's office with her (had become an every other day thing). She is doing well - you can tell that she is growing & getting stronger - starting to outgrow some newborn outfits and trying to lift her head a lot more. She has the sweetest little newborn smiles - you know the ones when everything is just right in their worlds... clean diaper, full belly and about to drift off to sleep and then rewards you with the most precious smiles! She appears to have a bit of a prissy side to her - she already knows how to poke out her bottom lip and she often purses her lips, she loves to be very warm with soft blankets, and she loves her Daddy's arms (and, believe it or not, singing!!).

We are trying to spend some alone time with Drew each day and get him as involved as he'll let us let him. I don't know if it counts to say that he saw his first movie ever at the theater - does it count as your first if you don't make it through the end? We made the attempt to see The Princess and the Frog today but due to his running commentary throughout the film and desire to walk the aisles of the theater, we left midway through and left wondering just which princess the frog will decide to marry. Maybe we will give him another 6 months or so before trying that one again! We also celebrated Daddy's birthday last week, which was a big hit with Drew. He said "Happy Birthday Daddy" a few times, which I think made Brad's birthday, and attempted to sing the birthday song. He especially enjoyed Daddy's birthday cake, as you'll see in the pictures below.

We actually caught a little smile on the camera So cozy & sweet in Mommy's arms Feed me! All bright-eyed and ready to head to the doctor's office Woooohooo! Birthday cake!!! We were finally able to go outside and enjoy some milder weather this week. Drew LOVES the park!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

They are warming up to each other...

After a trying couple of days, I think Drew is coming around to this idea of a baby invading his territory. He has been fine towards her, but just a little off kilter. Drew went back to school today after winter break, and I think that helped make things seem more "normal" to him. He now wants to hold Eliza a lot and says "Drew's baby" so hopefully this will all be fine!

Eliza is doing well. Still sleeping a lot (not that I am complaining because I know that will quickly change!), but each day she has more and more alert time. We go back to the doctor tomorrow to check in on her weight, but I have a feeling she has put on some good ounces as she is becoming quite the eater! She has the cutest little squeals and grunts in the world - such a tiny little voice from a tiny little being. She really likes bouncing and being sung/talked to. She becomes very alert when big brother is holding her and seems to enjoy looking at him. What a good big brother - these have to melt your heart!! Here are some pictures where you can finally see those pretty eyes

Monday, January 4, 2010

Our family has grown!

She is finally here and our little family is now complete! Eliza Grace Davis was born on 2am on Thursday, 12-31-09 - a New Years Eve and blue moon baby! She weighed in at 8 pounds, 6 ounces and was 20 inches long. Delivery was much different this time - it involved a frantic hospital trip with various traffic violations, the experience of bad contractions without an epidural (don't worry - I finally got it and I literally could have kissed that doctor at the time!), and finally three pushes and out she came. Much different than the 28 hour labor with Drew! We were able to come home to meet big brother on Saturday evening. The meeting has gone well - Drew is very interested in his baby sister but he is definitely having an adjustment period like the rest of us. Eliza is doing great! Her weight had dropped to 7 pounds, 13 ounces, but I think now we are on the upswing with that and she is starting to start eating more and more now. She sleeps a lot now (except when you want her to of course!), but she is starting to open her eyes more and more to learn about her new world.

She's here and perfect! Proud Mommy and Daddy. Proud Meema, Nana and Aunt Sistah We're home!!! Drew finally meets this "baby sister" he's been hearing so much about I will try to update soon with some open-eyed pictures!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas 2009

We were able to celebrate a nice Christmas in Winston-Salem this year. Thank you to all of our family who made the drive to us, since I was too pregnant to make the drive to see all of you elsewhere this year.

Merry Christmas! For meeeee???? Santa, or "HoHoHo" came to see Drew this year and brought him some "hoho presents". Look at what Santa brought!! Drew must have been a good boy this year - he got a play kitchen, a guitar, his "choo-choo" movie, some clothes, and some coloring books and crayons! Drew boils up some peas Drew and Mommy sing and strum on the guitar Drew eats with his cousins Nicholas and MiMi at Meema's house. The "kids" table is always more fun! Drew, Nicholas and MiMi sing Christmas songs in their new microphones. Both kids and adults enjoy Meema's camp.

Snow Day

I know many of you are waiting on some updates on all of our family changes... BUT - I'm behind on posts and need to catch up first. So, here are a couple of pre-baby fun posts.... Don't worry though, baby posts will soon follow!

Here are some pictures of Drew in the snow that we had a couple of weeks ago. I think he liked to look at it through the window and talk about it more than actually being in it this year.
Drew helps Daddy shovel the sidewalk. Why yes, those are grocery bags on his feet. You find snow boots wide enough to fit our child!