Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Updates and new pictures...

Let's see - what is new? Drew has gotten to see quite a bit of his family lately. Nana, Aunt Sistah and Camden came to visit a few weekends ago, then Uncle Denny & Aunt Lynda game up 2 weekends ago to help Meema take care of Drew for us. That weekend, I had a CEU course in Knoxville and Brad drove up with me. On our way home, we spent one night in Asheville - our last little "get-away" before we are officially parents of TWO (ah!). We had a nice time doing little things like going to the movies, enjoying dining with each other, strolling the streets of Knoxville & Asheville, and even got in a game of putt-putt. It was nice just to do relaxing, little things without scheduling around naps, night-nights, flying food, occasional tantrums, etc, though of course it seemed like all of our conversations ended up centered around Drew and we were very happy to get back home to him. Thank you to everyone for your help taking such good care of Drew so we could take our trip. The only thing though is for some reason he really likes the phrase "Gooooooooooo Tigers" - wonder where that came from?!?! This past weekend we had a big trip to the Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC for the Thomas the Train days - but that will have to be featured in its own post soon to follow as that was quite a day for our little man.

Drew seems to be doing well at his new school. He has really started to talk a lot more now (actually usually non-stop) - and while a lot of it is still unintelligible, if you know a few key words you are well on your way (for example: "la boohl" = cow, "car", "choo-choo", "Momo" = Elmo, "daddy", "mama", "Ste" = Steve, "bir" = bird, "Ba-bird" = Big Bird, "tus" = bus, "cool" = Cool!, "cool" = school, "nana" = Nana, "nana" = banana, "MahMa" = Meema, "cockeye" = outside, "cackcack" = backpack, "gaga" = all done) We think that he has a huge crush on a little cutie in his class named Ella - he says her name quite a lot at home, too. He likes to label people - going around the table/car/etc pointing to each person and saying their name then pointing to himself and saying "Drew!".

Besides the big boo-boo, here is a cute picture of Drew: For those of you requesting "preggo" pictures, here is Brad and I last weekend (26 weeks pregnant) add Drew and part of Steve's head: Night-night Drew Night-night Steve

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Drew's first football game

Today we went to see Wake Forest take on Baylor for the season opener. This was Drew's first football game and it was a success! When we first got to the stadium, he was very still & serious - I think he wasn't quite sure what to make of everything. He quickly warmed up to everything though and he enjoyed some of that yummy stadium grub and we had a good time - just too bad the Deacs couldn't pull out a "W" today.

Our sweet family! Drew and Daddy in front of the new Deacon Tower Our little football player standing in line to get in - not quite knowing what to think of all of this commotion yet Go Deacs! Walking back to the car - what a little man!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just a cute picture...

... of our little man and my big leg!

Move over Elmo!!

Elmo had a good, long ride as the favorite in the Davis household, but he has been overtaken by a mad love of... CHOO-CHOOs! He now loves to say "Choo-choo", and watch Thomas the Train incessantly (which parents of other little boys will know is the most BORING children's show EVER!!) To celebrate this, we took a family trip up to Tweetsie Railroad in Blowing Rock a couple of weekends ago. Drew did great in the car, we ate at one of my favorite places for breakfast when I was a student up at Appalachian State, and then had a wonderful time at Tweetsie. He loved to wave at the trains and ride on them. Here are some pics:

Hi from Tweetsie! We swear he had fun... haha Daddy and Drew check out the caboose Bye, bye train!!