Monday, May 3, 2010

Eliza at 4 months

Eliza is now four-months-old. She went in for her check-up on Friday, and this is where she stood with how she is growing: height - 26 and 1/4" (97th percentile), weight - 13.8 pounds (50th percentile), head diameter - 16" (50th percentile). The doctor gave her the go ahead to start solids, which we tried for the first time yesterday. She actually really seemed to like the cereal! The doctor doubled her dosage for her reflux medicine since it is still bad (if not worse), and we are hoping that between this and the start of solids that soon her reflux will be controlled. The doctor is concerned that she may have an allergy to cow's milk protein. I am hoping that she just has sensitive skin, like Drew does, and that some creams will work so that we can avoid the switch to soy formula. We'll see! In the past week she has all of a sudden entered the phase of wanting to put everything into her mouth. She also now reaches out for things with both hands (in efforts to get something to put everything in her mouth!). She is sleeping well at night - usually about 10 - 11 hours - but barely sleeps much at all during the day. She continues to have the cutest smile - she smiles with her whole body!

Eliza reaching out for her toys Enjoying bath time Pretty, pretty girl!!! Cheeeeeseee! I can stick my tongue out at you, too! Look at the big girl holding her head up!
Eliza's first taste of solid food I like it!

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