Friday, May 14, 2010

Pictures, pictures, pictures...

Not too many updates... Eliza got her 4-month vaccinations this week and seemed to tolerate them pretty well. She is on the verge of rolling back to tummy now. She is sleeping well at night now, but only very short naps during the day... we're working on that one! Drew is fine as well. We're not looking forward to the school year ending because I know he will miss all of his Montessori friends & teachers. He has loved his first year there. It is awesome that he can now tell us about his day and what he did. I love it! His new "thing" recently is obsession with storm drains. The child can NOT pass one without looking to see "is there water n'air?", then he likes to stomp on it. He has even started doing it to the air vents in the house. That is about all. On to some pictures!

Drew talking to Eliza in her bouncy and explaining her toy to her. Sooooo sweet!

Cousins! Drew adores "big kid" Camden!

On a recent visit to Home Depot, Drew fell in love with these smokers because, in his mind, they were choo-choos! He was pulling the handle and loudly going "Choooooo-choooooooo" - the fellow Home Depot shoppers got a kick out of it! Cutie-pie ZaZa
First bite of oatmeal - she liked this even more than rice cereal!
I'm getting so strong!! Buddies I admit it... we look absolutely NOTHING alike!! This youngin' is all Brad!

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